Time to rethink blogging…

Sunday 07 July 2013 – London.

Hmm, I was just writing another long missive that seemed to be documenting everything I did in the past week except visits to the loo. Yes, even I will admit my weekly blog posts have become boring and way too long to read.

It is supposed to be my record of my travels, but the thing is – I have stopped travelling, Maybe I should stop blogging too and just post photos that I like? I have become a little cynical about the ‘blogosphere’ as well as my motivations for blogging, so time to think on it all. Anyway I have deleted everything I wrote over the past few hours and have started again.

So here is a brief and semi-visual review of the last week. The weather has been pretty good lately so I have been out and about on the bike a bit with a couple of long rides, including up to the Serpentine.

IMG 6833

I spent a great day on Wednesday with Sanjeev, who I met on leg one of my Africa trip. Sanjeev and his wife Vaishali have just moved to Cambridge from Boston and came down to London for the day. Vaishali was busy with work so Sanjeev and I roamed London for a few hours.

My first Trooping of the Colour for a very long time, crazy busy !





We had to visit South Bank of course.


Sanjeev has an interest in some of the street art I have posted on my travels so we took a walk over to Shoreditch as well, it was a bit quieter there….




Leadenhall Market for an ice cream.


Before heading back over London Bridge and calling it a day.


On Saturday El and I visited Kew Gardens for a walk in the sun, my favourite part was the indoor Lady Di memorial garden.





Very unusual to come across a lizard in London !


Kew Palace.




Maybe if people didnt leave banana skins around it would be safer!


Contemplating blogging ? Nah – just enjoying a sunny walk with El in a small part of Epping Forest – just before a very average pub lunch…


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  1. The wall art photo just before the market one looks like street art I encountered recently. Do you know who did it? Oh, and had a blast with graffiti in Berlin. You’ll like it too.
    And yes, blogging takes a lot of effort. I’ve gone through my “maybe I shouldn’t be blogging” stage but somehow always go back. Don’t leave us. 🙂

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