The art of Leake St tunnel.

Wednesday 26 June 2013, Leake St, Waterloo, London.

Leake St tunnel is a legal graffiti area near Waterloo Station and I was last there back in January and talked about it briefly in this post. One of my fellow street art bloggers, the always cool Inspiring City, went there at the weekend to have a look at a paint jam organised by London Vandal to raise money for cancer research. I would have gone if I had known about it !

I have not heard of most of the painters in action at the weekend so it was time to go and have a quick look see. Though I did not recognise much of the work, it was still pretty interesting and there were quite a few other people there taking photos as well.


IMG 6777


IMG 6768

Unknown 🙂

IMG 6767

IMG 6769

IMG 6770

IMG 6771

IMG 6772

IMG 6774

IMG 6779

IMG 6780

There is a load more stuff to look at, mostly graf rather than ‘art’, but is a cool spot and worth a visit.

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