Another week goes by.

Sunday June 16 2013- London

A further week with no recruitment agencies or employers leaping out to offer me fantastic roles. In fact it was a very quiet week on the job front, with not many IT management roles even being advertised. I will give it to the end of the month before changing strategy – not sure to what yet, but this applying for roles on-line does not seem to be working out so far. I do need to exercise patience though, as I know this is not going to be an absolutely straight forward process.

Looking back at the week it appears I didn’t do too much, but I was always busy so I must have achieved something! I have had a flatmate for the past week, Amjad is a Palestinian American who is completing a PhD at Kings College here in London. He was Kevin’s first flatmate and usually stays here when he comes over from Chicago. He is in London for nine days and is staying at the flat for the duration. It is quite nice to have someone to chat to during the day for a change, and we have had some good discussions. The weather was pretty good too so on Tuesday we took a fairly long walk into London and had a very nice  lunch for a very good price in an old pub near Kings.

We started off walking along the Southbank, at the Southbank skate park I was taking photos of the graffiti and started reading some of the posters about a new development at the Southbank which will mean the closure of London’s oldest skate park. Like many others I am very much against this and have signed an online petition supporting the skaters.


I am writing this post a week later and that small mural has gone already !

Amjad had never visited the area around Westminster Abbey  and  the houses of parliament so we crossed the bridge and looked around the area before walking over to Kings for lunch. It was a good day out.


I had heard that London based Italian street artist RUN, was painting the wall at the Village Underground in Shoreditch so on Wednesday I caught a tube to Old St and then walked down to have a look see at the art around the area. I posted some images here.

Thursday was a big day for me – I bought a suit ! I have been thinking about getting one so I am ready for any job interviews that come up. Plus next weekend El and I are going to a party with a James Bond Casino Royale theme and I need to dress up for that. So yeah, it was time to dress like a grown up again (for the first time? ). I went to the big mall at Stratford and wandered blindly around for a while before El came along after work to help me choose. This was definitely a wise idea – that lime green toweling suit was cool though ! I ended up paying a little more than I would have liked, but not too much more, and now I have a very nice contemporary dark grey suit.

There was another major event in the house on Friday – I shaved my beard off.  I was kind of getting sick of it and like the suit, losing it was probably going to be a requirement for job interviews. Though I am already over shaving 🙂

Once I was smoothly faced I went back to see the completed RUN painting and then had a look around all the street art in Blackall Street before walking up to Camden to meet El after work.

Our first ‘date’ was at the Hawley Arms pub in Camden and we pretty much meet there most Fridays now as it is close to El’s work and more importantly, it is a cool pub. Service is a bit crap mind, but the Clash used to hang out there along with Amy Winehouse and any number of other (in)famous rock and rollers. It also plays pretty good music, it’s the only pub I know that plays Joy Division to the Friday after work crowd.



We only stayed for one drink and then went to one of El’s friends house to start watching series three of Game of Thrones, which we were all very excited about. And it was good! We saw the first three episodes and I am looking forward to watching the rest of the series – though I do not what happens in the new famous episode nine.

The weather was a bit off and on over the weekend, but we did manage to do some gardening at El’s which was very enjoyable. I didn’t think that would happen, but now that I do not own a garden of my own it seems so much more fun to be pulling weeds, mowing lawns and hacking up trees.

Walthamstow has a food festival on at the moment and we went to a pop-up restaurant at the William Morris Gallery for a drink and a meal, it was a very nice evening. We were also shown how to make origami cranes – mine is the crumpled one !


Mum / sisters, here are a couple of photos for you…



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