From RUN to D*Face and a bunch of stuff in between.

Wednesday 12 June 2013 – Shoreditch(ish)

I follow a number of blogs and Bookface pages that have references to the London street art scene and yesterday I saw a photo of RUN painting the large wall at Village Underground. This wall is curated by Street Art London and features a different artist each month. I decided that today’s walk would be a street art walk back in the area around Shoreditch.

For a change I had a bit of a plan of things I wanted to see so I took the tube to Old St and walked down from there.  I was looking for a piece on one of the side streets off of Old St, but could not find it, so not such a great start, though with the temporary nature of street art, there is a reasonable chance it had already been painted over.

I did find RUN easily enough, a little bit behind where he planned to be today, but working away on a new masterpiece.

IMG 6676

IMG 6690

I had a little look around the area towards Great Eastern Street and found some new characters by Space Invader.

IMG 6679

A new piece by Otto Schade – thanks to Inspiring City Blog for giving me the name of the artist.

IMG 6681

Broken Fingaz

IMG 6682


IMG 6685

Curtain St mural.

IMG 6687

When I was watching RUN paint I heard that Broken Fingaz were painting on a wall up Hackney Rd, painting over one of the few remaining Toasters in London. This shot was taken back in winter, which I guess is obvious from all the snow…

IMG 6468

I will say the new piece was done at the request of property owner !

IMG 6692

IMG 6693

I also found this new piece by American artist Giai on a side street.

IMG 6691

I wandered back down to Brick Lane as I wanted to photograph this Tame Iti (A controversial figure, well known to most New Zealanders) that I spotted when I was last here.

IMG 6695

I wandered up and down some of the side streets around Brick Lane on the way to my final destination and found a few pieces I had not seen before. Starting with a ROA pig – on Bacon St 🙂

IMG 6697

A Malarky

IMG 6698

A new piece by Fin Dac

IMG 6699

A Dscreet

IMG 6700


IMG 6701

A Stik, I really like all the little Stiks drawn on the door.

IMG 6702

IMG 6703

I also discovered that RUN is the artist behind the telephones I first saw at Baroque the Streets a couple of weeks ago.

IMG 6705

Another fabulous Daleast

IMG 6707

And some quite cool little stickers  by d7606

IMG 6704

IMG 6706

My final planned destination for the day was the exhibition at Stolen Space gallery and a visit to D*Face’s workspace upstairs.

IMG 6711

IMG 6713

IMG 6714

IMG 6715

It was a good day out and I will have to go back next week and see the completed RUN work, plus the recent ROA mural that was my original plan before I got distracted up Hackney Rd.

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7 thoughts on “From RUN to D*Face and a bunch of stuff in between.”

  1. So neat to see one of the artists at work. Cool as usual Phil. I photographed a bit of street art in Paris but know nothing of the artists so may be asking for your help in identifying when I post.
    Thanks for the images!

  2. Great post and some great pics. The artist featured on the horse and groom pub is Otto Schade and the artist behind the telephone boxes is called d7606

  3. Great blog Phil, it was good to chat to you as we both caught Run working on the VU wall earlier this week. I passed by again late yesterday just as Run was finishing and had a chat with him and met the guys from StreetArtLondon (picture posted on instagram darrylplummer or twitter @darrylplummer).

    PS. What was the other piece you was trying to find off old street?

    1. Thanks Darryl, it was good to meet you too. I went back to the wall this afternoon and saw the completed piece. I will add it to this post when I get back to my computer. I was looking for a piece on Leonard St, stuffed if I csn remember who by now, but I visited Blackall St this afternoon. I really liked it there, will get its own post I think…..

      1. I look forward to the next post then!
        If it was Leonard Street, could be the huge Faith47 mural or Cenesto’s funky elephants, both of these can be found in the small car park at the Great Eastern St end of Leonard Street. Have fun!

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