Street Art – Sydney

Some of the street art I spotted on a quick trip to Sydney, Australia.

Most of the art was found in and around the main street of Newtown, though the first three are from Manly.

I am not entirely sure of the order that WordPress uploads photos, the bulk were inserted into the post in one go, and the order seems entirely random to me, I guess there is some science to it !

P1010755 P1010754 P1010751

P1010771 P1010773 P1010774 P1010775 P1010777P1010779 P1010785 P1010786 P1010787 P1010791 P1010792 P1010793 P1010794 P1010795

This mural is the most well known and has been here since 1991. I really like the next image as well, which was painted on the next wall, they go so nicely together and I really like the message.

P1010799 P1010800 P1010803 P1010804 P1010805 P1010807 P1010808 P1010809

I really liked how this door had been hung upside down 🙂


There were a whole series of large monochrome photos on some walls as part of an old exhibition, though most had been badly torn – I kinda liked the effect though.

P1010811P1010766 P1010767 P1010768 P1010769 P1010770

Yes I was here, I was never her though!


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