No (Roger) mooring

Tuesday 19 February 2013

I have had a fairly hectic few days; in between the long lie-ins I have been out and about and seen a few of the things I have on my to-do list. I have been really lucky in that the weather has been very kind to me with almost no rain for most of the last few weeks, though there have been some cool days.

Last Friday I finally got around to visiting the British Museum. I have fond memories of the mummies and Egyptian collection and was keen to go back and have a look. Of course any visit to the British Museum is tainted with knowing that a lot of the exhibits were dubiously collected and really should belong in their country of origin. While I do like seeing these lovingly cared for and well displayed exhibits in one central location, a part of me would like them to be returned home.

The museum itself has changed significantly from when I was last there – I think. I certainly do not recall this amazing roof.


I really liked this crystal skull, it is a semi-famous as it was found in Mexico and supposedly pre-Columbian. However, tests proved that it was probably made in Europe in the late 1800’s. I love an artefact with a bit of a dodgy history.


As I mentioned earlier I do love the Egyptian collection.



And these bits stolen legitimately acquired from the Parthenon are very cool too.



Saturday I went for a trail run and I will write that up in a separate post.

On Sunday I was very excited to be able to go and see the Man Ray photographic exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. As you will know I am not big on portraits, but I do like the work of Man Ray, especially the things he did in Paris in the 1920’s. An incredibly influential and innovative photographer. Living in 20’s Paris as an artist must have been incredible. The exhibition was fabulous, covering work up to his death in 1976. I really enjoyed it and if I had the time I would go back on a quieter day.

After the exhibition my friend and I had a couple of quiet whiskies in a whisky bar on Trafalgar square. Kilchoman is the first distillery to open on the isle of Islay in over seventy years and this was their first production, a six year old single malt. It was a lot lighter than a typical Islay malt, but very very nice…

2013-02-17 14.46

Monday was a glorious glorious day and even quite warm in the sun!


I had coffee with my old NZ buddy John near where he lives in Earls Court and then took a two hour meander back to my place in London Bridge, it was a great day to be out walking, but it definitely got cool out of the sun.

Tuesday started off very foggy !



So I went back to bed !

As the sun started to peek through the clouds I decided I would head off and walk one of the parts of Regents Canal that I have to walk, the middle section from Kings Cross to Camden Lock. To make the walk more interesting I decided to walk to Kings Cross as well, naturally I got a bit mis-placed on the way so it was a longer walk than planned, but another great day for it.

I really like walking the canal, I would love to live near it, but man, sooooo expensive…

For a country that is in the economic doledrums, building is booming in London, there is mass construction everywhere, it will be a different city again in two years time.

IMG 6603

IMG 6606

I just loved this simple addition of “Roger” to this sign, some times graffiti can be extremely clever. – I accept not everyone is going to agree with the sticker though.

IMG 6607

I had lunch by the canal in Camden, a Thai chicken curry – the first meat I have eaten in the best part of a month, I think I needed the protein. I have not consciously chosen to go almost fully vegetarian, I was always partially so, and the horse meat scandal was not a factor, I have just not bought any lately.

IMG 6609

Amy Winehouse was a regular in the Camden area.

IMG 6608

And the day ended completely differently to how it started.

IMG 6611

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  1. Phil, I am loving your photos and the fact that you are giving me great info on a city I will be in May. Hoping not to get yucky weather when there but it’s London so anything can happen!

  2. Thanks Lidia, It is a shame I wont be here in May myself !

    I hope you enjoy your visit, it is such a very cool city, there is so much to see and do I really do love it here. if you want some tips let me know.

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