Six months in Europe, March 2013 – anyone interested ?

The hunt for a contract job here in London is not going as well as I anticipated, not at all well in fact. I have applied for numerous roles and with one exception have not heard anything from the recruitment agencies. The one exception did put me forward for a role that I quite liked the sound of; but I was not successful unfortunately.  There has not been one job advertised in the last week that suits my skills and experience – which is pretty bad, and the economic news is getting drearier by the day.

I am going to stick to the plan I decided on when I arrived in England in early December. If I have not found a job by the time I move out of the flat in Kensington on Jan 24 then I will start actioning plan B.  What is plan B ? you may ask.

Well, I have no plan B. I do have a bunch of ideas and thoughts though, which is a start. I bought myself an A4 notepad at the weekend so I could scribble all sorts of things down. From the absurd to the realistic; what I like, what I don’t like, what I want to do, what I don’t want to do, where I want to live and where I don’t. If it is my head I want to try and remember to write it down. Once I move to London Bridge I will spend some time making sense of it all and will come up with a plan.

One option I am considering is saying to hell with my savings, spend the money and do Europe instead of getting a job – and then settling down after – probably 🙂

As I said in a post a while back, I do not want to do Europe on my own. If this interests you  or you know of anyone who might be keen here is my current thinking;

  • I will buy a vehicle and want someone to share the driving and road costs.
  • I aim to free camp and use campsites as much as possible, occasionally staying in guest houses. I will sleep in a tent or the vehicle if free camping.
  • This will be a budgetish trip.
  • I want to do the more out of the way places first, for instance; if we run out of time then I would rather skip Rome than Tallinn.
  • I like history, architecture and big landscapes over beaches and bars – though I do like those as well 🙂
  • I aim to do as much as possible over six to seven months, at this stage I have no time restriction.
  • Destinations and time frames would be mutually agreed, this won’t just be my trip.
  • I am thinking of starting in March/April as I want to go to New Zealand for a visit first.

I am not going to invest a huge amount of time in planning this unless it becomes a reality, so please do not ask for detail as I do not have any. If you are interested I want your input into the plan. Well sort of plan – maybe all we need is a start date, I am not huge on plans !

I want someone for the whole thing, so you will need time and lots of money, Europe is not cheap !

If you or someone you know is interested in doing this, then please email or FaceBook message me rather than leave a comment. If you do not have my details then please leave a comment with your contact details and I will contact you without publishing the comment.

As I said at the start, this is an option I am considering, it is not a definite. There is a way to go before making it happen and heck, you never know I may land the perfect contract in the next couple of weeks !

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