A walk in the bush

Days 322, Wednesday 21 November 2012 – Naiberi River Camp, Eldoret, Kenya

It was another lousy sleep due to a noisy bar, but at least breakfast wasn’t until later in the morning and the showers were fabulously hot. This morning was forest walk day, and we were met at 10:00 by Ash, an Indian who’s family has been living in the area for a few generations. Ash had arrived for a pickup to come and collect us so most of us bundled into the back and off we went. Great to be in the back of a pick up again – and with so much space compared to some I have been in.

We soon turned off the highway and onto a dirt road for a few kilometres to a patch of land bordering a block of forest that Ash was building a home on. As we drove along the road we saw a number of Kenyans on training runs – it looked like lovely country to run in.

IMG 5716

At Ash’s house we met our guide for the walk (and I have forgotten his name !) He told us a lot about the work they were doing in the community to regenerate some of the native forest. Like many places in the world the re-development of dying forests are key local projects. In this case they struggle against a number of competing priorities, firewood – both for home us and for sale, and the burning of trees to make charcoal are big issues in this area. The people who work in the forest have had death threats made against them for trying to stop others from cutting and burning the regrowing forest.

The forest walk itself was fun, I enjoyed being in the bush again, though photographically it was not inspiring – though I will confess to be completely photographically uninspired. Period. A feeling that followed me for the rest of the trip. I did love the trees, especially the massive strangler figs.

IMG 5727

IMG 5728

We were looking for colobus monkeys, but didn’t see much of anything at all sadly – however, we were hardly silent as we chatted our way crashing and bashing through the bush. We found ourselves at quite a nice river, scaring off this old chap who was having a wash and doing a bit of laundry!

IMG 5738

There was a concern for a while that we were slightly mis-placed in the forest, I was not unduly worried, we were not in a large area and we had a good river to follow – if there is a river, there are people! Though we had to wait for a while for out guide to re-appear after he had gone off to find some water falls. We just hung around the river and waited. I took a few longer exposure shots to encourage a bit of experimentation in the others.

IMG 5740

After we successfully found our way back to Ash’s house and made our way back to the camp ground I didn’t do much with the rest of the day. Though I do recall draining some red wine and a few whiskies in the evening.

Sorry, these are harldy inspired posts, knocking them out for the sake of completion!

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