Truck crash – no, not us !

Day 300, Tuesday 30 October 2012 – Landmark Hotel, Tukuyu, Tanzania

On the road again today so it was another early start, breakfast at 6:00 and on the road by 7:00.

It was a shame we were not here for another day as the lake was stunning – I could have got my lake dive in.

IMG 4837

The road was quite stable so I got some photo uploading and typing done – any opportunity to try and catch up. Our first stop was a road side curio market, I was traded out after yesterdays dealings so stayed on the truck – in some blessed silence.


We had a long coffee break in Mzuzu, the administrative capital of northern Malawi. Driver Will had to get his international driving permit renewed and this was the best place to get it organised. We all waited in a local coffee shop that had reasonable wifi and good coffee – no one objected to the hour long break. I use a program called Blogdesk to compile blog posts offline and then I upload to WordPress when I have internet access. I have been doing a little bit of typing in the truck, though it is tough. I did have three posts ready to go though so got them uploaded when I had the chance.


We wound our up through some quite steep hills overlooking Lake Malawi.



As we were heading down the other side we found an overturned truck with its rear wheels in a ditch. Will spoke to the truck driver and he had been there over night – fortunately he was unhurt. I am guessing it will be a long wait to get the load removed and the truck on a tow truck. We stopped for lunch and gave the left overs plus some water to the driver.

IMG 4842

IMG 4845

We crossed into Tanzania at Kasumulu at 4:00pm, where we had to put the clocks forward an hour – we are entering East Africa now.

I love boabab trees – this was the first good one I have seen from the truck.


Tanzania is definitely the most developed place we have visited since leaving South Africa, the towns on the road side are bigger, with more sophisticated structures – there are also a lot more cars and a lot more people – it still looks very poor, even as we move into the wealthier highlands area.

Our stop for the night was the Land Mark Hotel in Tukuyu, the town is quite big and populous and the hotel looked modernish – even if it was a bit 70’s Stalinist in style. Everyone decided to use the hotel rooms rather than sleep in tents, at 10 USD a person it was a pretty good deal. The rooms were basic, two saggy double beds, bathroom and a TV. It sounds like every had slightly different issues, at least we had lights that worked and hot water. Everyone seem to have a toilet seat problem, some missing altogether, one had a lid but no seat, ours was cracked in about twenty places and I am not sure how it held together. The shower was great though!

After dinner we ended up in the hotel bar, mis-ordered drinks were highly amusing and frequent. I was only going to stop for one, but ended up having a couple of whiskies and a good laugh – still in bed by 10:30 though.

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  1. Hi Phil- I ‘ve been following your blog and enjoying the review of places/experiences we shared and those followed after I left. Thanks for the updates on the good truck Malaika and those that sailed in her.
    William “the Snorer” Loh

    1. Thanks William, I am glad you are enjoying them. Bill and I were still laughing at your hippo impressions right till the very end of the trip. They were so good !

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