To Africa !

Day 267, Thursday 27 September 2012 – Leaving on a jet plane.

Today is my last day in England and I have just realised it is also the nine month anniversary of when I left NZ for SE Asia, so a good day to fly to Africa.

I had a truly dreadful night last night, dropped off to sleep quickly but woke about 12:30 and was restless for the rest of the night. I was very tired in the morning and for some weird reason my shoulders ached, – I am wondering if I was really tense and didn’t realise it (I worked it out late in the day, my camera bag when full is heavy 🙂 )

My first stop for the day was Monument, a tower built in the 1670’s to commemorate the great fire of London. Until I walked past it yesterday I did not realise that visitors could climb to the top, and I was really interested in the view. There are 311 steps to climb, the view is fantastic, but the platform is surrounded by wire so photos were tricky!

From Monument I spent the rest of the morning charging around London looking for a pair of long pants, a collared shirt and a pair of shorts. Though I dress like a colour blind, tasteless slob I am very fussy when it comes to clothes – subconciously it is probably just purchasing avoidance. I really struggled today and didnt get any shorts, wrong season apparently. I will look in Cape Town.

In the afternoon I took the train back out to my uncles house in Dartford, packed up all my stuff for Africa and was surprised when it all went in my pack – maybe I should have packed more stuff ! And I even have a sleeping bag in there!

My uncle dropped me off at Gatwick airport and I am now sitting in the bar waiting for my flight to be called.

So, it is a temporary farewell to England and tomorrow it will be hello Cape Town !

I am assuming internet access in CT, but not much for the next six weeks. I will update when I can 🙂

Onwards to Africa !

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  1. You wouldn’t have noticed this but on the way out of Monument Station are some granite stairs. They are worn. Do you have any idea how long it takes to WEAR granite stairs?? I dropped to my knees, weeping, and taking photos of those three little innocuos steps hahahahha!!! 1200oC or don’t-know-how-many footfalls is the answer.

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