Ten days and two good runs

Days 220-229, 11-20 August 2012 – Alcaucin

Apart from a couple of great runs and a movie or three, not a lot happened for the first ten days after Muttley chewed the power cord for my laptop. In hindsight, the chewing was probably a good thing (nah !) but it did mean I didn’t bore everyone with long winded and dull blog posts describing me doing sod all.

So apart from work, eat and sleep what did I do for ten days, hmmmm. Ian and I went to see the new Batman movie which was very cool, I did not rate the villain as highly as Heath Ledgers Joker (but that was impossible), but still a great movie. I also watched The Guard which was excellent and Drive. Not too sure what to say about Drive, did I enjoy it ? yes – was it what I expected, absolutely not. Three great films in one week, all different too. Pretty rare.

I did two runs though !

First was on Sat 11, three hours up the road. A great run, first time I have run shirtless, very warm and as there was no one around to scare I thought why not. This time I took a couple of bars with me as well as a gel. Ideally I should be running with the food I will eat when I do 50for50 (in what is now three weeks time), but food choices are slim at best and there is no way a Snickers would last 2 hours in a pack here !

2012-08-11 08.41

2012-08-11 08.54

The second run was the following weekend – Sunday 19, aim for this was to do four hours and try to get to the top of the big hill above Alcaucin. It was a really warm morning and by local standards really humid at 44% at 7:30 when I left.

2012-08-19 07.29

I was dripping within a few minutes and once I had found the right turn off ran shirtless for an hour till I hit the single track.

2012-08-19 08.56

The first hour was mainly running on a rough 4wd track, and all up hill, I ran most of it but there were some sections that were too steep to bother with – its not as if I was in a rush, and I will be walking the steep bits on 50for50 anyway.

2012-08-19 08.15

The small carpark where the single track started had a big view back down to Alcaucin.

2012-08-19 08.26

And this was where I was heading.

2012-08-19 08.27

The single track was pretty sweat, not my preferred surface so I kept things sensible to avoid injury – and unlike Trevelez if I went down hard here there would be no-one following to find me!

2012-08-19 09.10

The last thirty minutes was pretty much a walk and I made it to the peak I was aiming for pretty much dead on two hours, though the ranges had a way to go up yet !

2012-08-19 09.38

2012-08-19 09.42

2012-08-19 09.39

The view was partially marred by some low cloud, but was still pretty spectacular – I wonder when the last person was here ? After feeding my face I took a gentle run back down. While I was at the top a couple of massive clouds closed the valley in below me , this is looking DOWN the single track !

2012-08-19 10.01

2012-08-19 10.18

I reached the road knowing I was going to be short of four hours but my Camelbak was bone dry and it was too hot to be running without water. I want to be able to run next week so took the wise choice and made a slow run back home, all up 3:45. I was still pleased with that, no real aches and pains – stiff to start with and worn when I finished. I was still able to walk the dogs later in the day though…

My dog chewed power cord, and my jeans too… He also had a go at my trail shoes but luckily no real damage, just a lace replacement.






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  1. Re long shadow pic: You look like you’re wearing my long Pakistani dress (or perhaps a trench coat). Re last pic: W33 – I still can’t believe I’m as fat as you.

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