Oops, I did it again !!

Day 217, Wednesday 08 August 2012 – ???

A much quieter night last night so a lot more sleep had and like yesterday I didn’t get up until breakfast time at 8:30. With only a small walk planned today I ate a lot more than yesterday, but still could not finish all the food.

I left for my walk about 9:15, I planned on doing two and half hours so I could get back in time for a quick shower before checking out at 12:00. I started up the path that sort of runs up the side of the Rio Trelevez. Like yesterday, I only took my cell phone for a camera and for some reason (shaky hands ?) a lot of the photos were blurred rubbish.

The walk was pleasant enough, certainly not like yesterdays and my legs were feeling surprisingly OK. They knew they had done some work though, but were much looser than I anticipated, further good news for my fitness.

2012-08-08 09.59

2012-08-08 10.35

I was not really in the mindset for a walk, for some reason I was feeling at a bit of a loss this morning so after forty five minutes when I came across this track covering puddle I turned around and meandered back to the hotel. I didn’t want to have to put wet running shoes into my pack for the day, good excuse huh ?

2012-08-08 09.58

I hadn’t really come up with much of a plan of where to stay the night, Trevelez is a funny place to get out of and Alcaucin where I am ‘living’ is a funny place to get to – bus timings just didn’t seem to work out. In the end I decided on heading back to Granada and getting the next bus to Malaga and staying the night there. Tomorrow I will see Malaga and get the bus to Alcaucin at 6:30pm. Perfect !

Sadly the bus from Trevelez leaves at 4:00 PM so I had some time to kill between checking out of my room and catching the bus. Luckily I was able to use the internet in reception for a couple of hours till lunch at 2:00.

I went to a different restaurant for lunch and had a very nice salad, a change to have something healthy! I have been struggling with trying to learn even the most basic of Spanish, I started in Barcelona and have continued to attempt here in Trevelez. The pronunciation is so varied, even between towns and I had real trouble in this restaurant, depressing !

I liked Trevelez, if I had a car I would have stayed longer and done some more of the local walks. The one thing that I don’t like about it is the flies, they are terrible – it is like being in Queensland again !!

The bus to Granada was an uneventful two and three quarter hour ride, except I seem to have broken the headphones for my MP3 player, grrrrr – no music for all that time was rough. The drive is still lovely, though unusually I felt a bit queasy on the bus, very rare.

As soon as the bus pulled into the station on time at 6:45 I ran up to the ticket machine and got the last seat on the 7:00 bus to Malaga – awesome. This was the super bus, I got given water and a small snack and thankfully headphones for the in-bus sound system, wahoo they fitted my MP3 player – rubbish headphones, but headphones nonetheless. The ride to Malaga was also fantastic, such a beautiful, dry and mountainous province.

I got off the bus and into a cab to head to the hotel, and realised I did not have my wallet in my bag ! Shitburgers !! I panicked briefly, before thankfully finding I had enough coins to pay the cab driver. I knew I had the wallet on the bus as I had seen it in my bag, I am guessing it fell out by my seat somewhere. When I got to the hotel I rang the bus depot and got an answering machine, I will have to try tomorrow when I go to catch the bus home. At least this time I didn’t lose a drivers licence or anything, only 30 euros and a couple of cards- thank God I still had a spare card in my pack and was able to get some cash out.

The hotel is in the middle of all the tourist stuff, right next to the cathedral so I went for a wee stroll around with the intent of getting something to eat. Loads and loads of places but I could not decide and did not want to eat alone again, too tiring.

Not a great day sadly.

The Alcazaba in Malaga, looking fwd to visiting tomorrow.





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  1. I’m worried you might be going soft.. that wasn’t a puddle, that was surface water.
    I also wish you had some company 😦 that is a lot of alone-time

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