T- 0, Lift off – I fly to England

Day 153, Tuesday 5 June 2012, Kuala Lumpur – Brentwood, Essex, England !

Well, bugger me, Asia is over. Though I planned it and in the end desired it, it came about all too quick. I really enjoyed my last few days, especially the time on Perhentian Kecil, awesome diving and good people make for a good time. One to repeat in the future maybe.

My alarm went off at 6:00 and I was up, packed, checked out and in the taxi for 6:30. It was a pretty reasonable ride to KL airport, which is a way from town. There are two airports in KL KL International (KLIA) where I was flying from today and the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) where I flew into from Kota Bahru yesterday – it is important to go to the correct one as they are away apart by road !

The check in was quick and painless and as I was at the airport so early I did have some time to kill before my flight. I went through security and immigration and drank highly expensive coffee and had an outrageously expensive sandwich for breakfast and generally hung out where the free wifi was working until my fly was called. I did call both my boys, Dom and Aiden and have a chat with them.

The flight to London was twelve and a half hours, it was reasonable painless, though of course I did not sleep. I had an aisle seat and the seat between me and the woman in the window seat was empty, there was a pretty good amount of leg room as well – good on you Malaysian ! I watched a couple of movies, the 2nd Sherlock Holmes – of which I was disappointed, as well as Underworld – Awakening – again disappointed, though I did not expect much more than and a hour or so of Kate Beckinsdale in tight leather- which is always good.

The service was good, food was OK, I had loads of red wine and a couple of whiskies and shut my eyes with my head phones on, I didn’t sleep but did manage to kill a few hours. We arrived on time at 4.00 PM on same day I left and the trip through immigration was the fastest and most pleasant since I left NZ, polite, smiling and welcoming – so unlike anywhere in SE Asia.

Sadly the weather in England sucked, it was 13 degrees and raining ! typical. I had no jacket or jersey – but it felt so NICE to be cold for a change – and not just from the blast of an overworked air conditioner – this was real air- lovely.


My plane.


Brentwood Essex, about twenty miles from London. It was the final day of the Queens Jubilee weekend so the traffic on the M25 motorway link from the airport to home was pretty light.
What can I say about England – it just looks like England, as we were driving from the airport to home through the green belt surrounding London I could tell where we were, the houses in England look like know other houses, the rolling grasslands and the trees look like no other combination of rolling grass land and trees – to my eyes anyway. It felt good to be back in the country of my birth after 26 years.

At the aiport I picked up an English SIM card and texted Meliesha, my daughter who who lives in Bristol. I am going to stay with her for a few days from Sunday before heading down to Cornwall for Coast path run. Naturally she did not reply, and I later got a Facebook message saying she had lost her phone and to call on Rich – her boyfriends – so typical.

The evening was spent chatting with family, unpacking my pack and reuniting myself with some of the things I had sent over in a box in December. It was great to pick up and hold my Canon 5d camera, but it weighs a ton after using the Panasonic GF1 for so long. I charged up batteries and made sure it all worked – which of course it did.

The view from my window.


I forced myself to stay up until 10.00 PM, (5 am Malaysia and body time) I had been up for 23 hours by the time I went to bed so was knackered when I hit the hay.

It is good to here, but I am going to miss SE Asia I think.

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4 thoughts on “T- 0, Lift off – I fly to England”

  1. HI Phil,

    I use to live in Kings Chase brentwood essex and now back to my home town Penang Island:-) will be visiting Pulau Perhentian kecil 21th till 24th and jus checking the review about Tropicana Inn and bump into your blog:-)

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Its a funny old world ! Would like to have spent more time in both Penang and Perhentian Kecil. Tropicana is Ok, very basic. Next time I will stay over on Coral Bay, a lot quieter, though I guess it depends on what you want. If you are going to dive then I do recommend Spice Divers on Long Beach.

      Thanks for popping by my blog !

      1. Thank you:-)I know I was smiling when I read your blog weird but nice:-)Thanks for the information!! give me a buzz when ever you visit Penang :-)would be lovely to take you tour Penang.Have a lovely weekend.

  2. England must feel so very different after your travels!! Quite the culture shock. I know its home, but keep seeing it thru the eyes of a traveller, cos your blogs and photos are fabulous.
    Have fun on CoastPathRun. xx

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