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Today I leave Luang Prabang, it has definitely been one of the best places I have visited in SE Asia, my mum was right (as always) when she said I would love it here.  I do regret not getting over the other side of the Mekong to visit the abandoned vats, but there was no way I was going to make that trip with an upset stomach.

I really should have put some time aside to go to the plain of jars, it is a three day trip from LP, with two of those days travelling. I have really lost whatever small at amount of intrepidness I had and have just become a safe traveller. I am not sure if this is because I have been on the road for too long and am “over it” or because I am back on my own and too cautious to take those leaps into off the beaten track adventures.  Whatever it is I routinely disappoint myself.

I fly to Pakse shortly, from Pakse I intend  on bussing and boating around for a week or so, down to the 4000 island area and then back up to Vientane, so who knows  – maybe I will exceed some of my expectations.

If only I wasn’t suffering from “Delhi belly” !

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  1. Get well soon. Try to break up hard travel with easy regions of the world! Or save it for a future trip (unless you intend to return to a normal boring life forever). You won’t be so jaded then.

    Are you going to Vang Vieng? Float down a river in an inner tube, swing from trees and jump into a gushing river … all while you’re drunk and/or spaced?

    I survived by not doing it. I’m too straight-laced!

  2. I will definately come back to Laos, would like to see it at the end of the rainy season when the rivers are high and clear. It will be a different place then

    I am not doing Vang Vieng, river is low so it is not such an easy float, and really, the idea of floating down a river with a bunch of wasted young people is just not appealing ! maybe if i was with someone I would do it.

    more interested in 4000 islands area, and then up to Vientane for a day (I have made contact with Patrick, thanks) and on to Chiang Mai.

    then a dive somewhere and thats it !

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