On to Laos

Day 120, Thursday 03 May 2012, Hanoi – Luang Prabang.

Wow !!!

I will confess to popping half a sleeping pill, I haven’t had one a while, but I was tired and have had a few lousy sleeps lately, but, anyway – Wow ! I slept, and dozed solidly for almost 11 hours ! I have not slept that long in years – that is almost three days normal sleep (or lack there of).

I probably could have dozed longer but the cleaners were making such a racket in the hall, I was actually getting a bit pissed off with them, thinking, come on guys how can you be cleaning this early – I checked my watch and it was 8.30. I couldnt believe it – the benefits of a windowless room ! The massive sleep probably explains my feralness over the past few days, I must have been more tired than I thought…

I flagged breakfast as it is very average, the worst in Vietnam – it’s what happens when you go cheap I guess, and spent the morning in my room doing some emails, packing and generally lazing about. I am reading IQ84 by Haruki Murakami on my e-reader – a recommendation from a friend, it is 1137 pages long, so thank God for e-readers, but I am very hooked.

I checked out at 12.00 and had organised for a ride to the airport for 2.00 PM, so went walkabouts for a feed with wifi. I was glad to only pay for one night in my bad room and wasn’t going to say I had two ! I got very confused and ended up walking the streets of Hanoi for an hour and a half under a 39 degree blaring sun. I ended up trying to find Moom again, but didn’t. I really struggled in Hanoi, normally I am not too bad (Mike may disagree after some average choices in Myanmar), but normally once I have been somewhere I can find my way back blindfold. Another reason why I was not happy with Hanoi. Anyway I ended up hungry and thirsty at the hotel at 1.30 and waited in a sweaty heap for my ride.

On the way to the airport I witnessed the aftermath of yet another traffic accident, fortunately this time it was only car v power pole and no motorbikes were involved, though I am stuffed if I can work out how the hell he/she hit the pole the way they did unless they were on the wrong side of the road, well it is Vietnam….

I was at the airport way before my flight, so finally got my lunch, my beer and my wifi session before changing into something relatively clean before boarding my Lao Airlines flight to Luang Prabang (LP). It was a great flight on an ATR 72 prop jet, full flight of tourists and very smooth too.

We arrived in LP about 8.00 pm and I shared a cab into town with another couple. I had booked accommodation at Villa Merry house 2 online that morning, but they didn’t have a room so I got a bed in House 1 for half the price, and would have been happy to stay another night but it was booked so house 2 from tomorrow.

Wifi was down apparently so I went for a walk up the road and had a snack and a Beer Lao in a local cafe, then bed.

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