I’m in a rut, got to get out of it, out of it

It’s a song, I am not reaching for the opium pipe yet.

I have just got back to my room from a solo dinner in some nameless, deserted cafe in Hanoi, it is hot and humid, the air con is barely working, web access sucks and the TV just died.   I am a bit over it all really.

Late this afternoon I got back from my two day trip to Ha Long Bay. What can I say about Ha Long Bay,  one of the “new seven wonders of the natural  world”, not going to overly disagree, (I haven’t  seen the whole world –  yet) , but it surely is a stunningly beautiful place and the weather came to the party as well.

It is just a pity the tour sucked, or maybe I sucked I am not sure which, but I will attempt to put it down on, the er – internet I guess, maybe I will start with paper.

[Edit] editing photos from the trip (and yeah well, that went badly as well) and this selfie seems to explain it all ![/edit.]

I am in a rut at the moment.  Where’s that half of Jamesons ?


P.S. – Opium is smoked reasonably freely on the streets here – I am assuming it is opium !

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    1. Bizarrely, for SE Asia my room has a bath – designed for a midget, even by Vietnamese standards it is short.

      And not so bizarrely – there is no plug…

      When you’re in a rut, you’re in a rut!

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