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Day 96, Monday 09 April 2012, Hue – Imperial Citadel.

A post about the rest of the day will be posted soon, but I seem to have a lot of photos from the citadel so thought I would do a separate citadel only post and do the rest of the day later. I have been so busy in Vietnam, hanging out with friends and family of Daniels and Van’s has meant many dinners and nights out and I am never going to catch up with blogging and photo editing at this rate.

The citadel is not that old, being started around 1820 as the Vietnamese imperial palace, it was kicked about during fighting with the French in 1947 and was then shelled by the Viet Cong and bombed by our American friends in 1968. The site still has some clear war damage as well as vast empty areas that I guess were totally beyond repair. Much renovation work has gone into the site.

I am going to say initially I was really disappointed with it, there is a big festival in Hue starting tomorrow night so there is a lot of work setting up stages and lights and monster sound systems playing bloody awful music – loudly – why do they have to play the awful Hotel California !!! I ended up putting head phones on. The site was quite antiseptic, until I walked through a gate and found peace and tranquillity and some nice things to look at – and then stayed for two hours until sunset.

The architecture is quite Chinese, especially compared to Thai and Khmer temples.  I really like the gateways and the art on the gates, and the yellow that is everywhere in Vietnam is becoming my favourite colour – though I would never wear it 🙂

Some of the photos are a bit wonky, I am sure it is my eyes, so not the best photo day ever.

I also saw a snake , a small grass snake was basking in the sun behind one of the buildings, we were both a wee bit cautious after that encounter.

 Right, onto the photos !

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