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Day 89, Monday 02 April 2012, Ayutthaya

A quick post as I am going to get too far behind again, it is lateish in the evening and I have no wifi in my room in Da Nang and the next few days will get busy I suspect.

Last full day in Ayutthaya and I got the bike again and rode out to the eastern wats, definitely not as good as the ones in the centre of town, but here are a few photos from them.













I also rode to the remains of the Portugese settlement – a few bricks on the ground… and then to the floating market…. where I took a photo of a buffalo as the market was neither floating nor a proper market.P1110443

After a wee lie down I went on a late afternoon boat tour of the rivers around the island. The tour was Ok, no real guidance from the boat guy, but saw the town from the other side which was interesting anyway. P1110461



Saw these people feeding the river catfish – earning credits for the next incarnation.P1110468

Ayutthaya was hit badly in the floods last year and you can see on the house how high the water went.P1110517


And again the water line on this temple site is a good four metres above the normal tide mark.P1110515

On the boat trip there was two other people from my guest house, John and his daughter Jesse, I joined them for a couple of drinks and then dinner at one of the restaurants in town. we then went back to the hostel and had a couple more drinks, where the Swiss guest house owner joined us as well.

It was a pretty good day, nice to hang with some people for dinner.

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  1. You made me smile when I saw you smiling! That’s funny! I know it sound weird, but I’m scrolling through the wats and suddenly there’s you smiling!

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