Gallery – some photos from Mandalay and Bagan

Really enjoying Myanmar, Mandalay was average but Bagan is awesome, though leaving here for Inle Lake tomorrow. Internet is hopeless, so sitting down for a meal while these photos hopefully upload. some images of Mandalay and Bagan. The sky has been a constant haze since I have been in Myanmar, so apologies for some washed out images.

Will do some long winded and probably tedious posts when I am back in Bangkok.

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4 thoughts on “Gallery – some photos from Mandalay and Bagan”

  1. Hi Phil
    the photos are fantastic – Myanmar looks incredible – do the locals call it that or is it still Burma to them?
    Really hot here today, we had the primary school raft race at Armour Ba,y school fun run next weekend.
    Hope all is well

    1. Hi – the people we spoke to call it Myanmar, Burma was a name given to them by the colonialists. However they call themselves Burmese.

      If you are going to go – and I know you want to, do possible. It will be totally different in 12 months….

  2. Phil – again – these are brilliant!! Snapshots in time… fabulous. Be proud.

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