Day 63, Wednesday 07 March 2012, Siem Reap.

Today was the day we were going to head to Battambang by boat, but apparently when it is too dry the trip is a lot longer, a lot more boring and occasionally arduous, so we had pretty much committed to just getting the bus, which takes significantly less time at the best of times. Anyways yesterday,  I had an offer I could not refuse – a trip on Thursday to Preah Vehear,  a cliff top temple near the Thailand border, so we have elected to stay here for a couple more days, skip Battambang altogether and go directly by bus to Phnom Penh on Friday. I can always come back to Battambang if I  desperately need to after Myanmar as I have to get to Da Nang in Vietnam for the 4th April anyway –  though I was thinking of flying. I must sit down and do some planning again!

As we had nothing planned for the day apart from some shopping we got up late and wandered back to Pub St for breakfast, there was not a hell of a lot open, so for one reason only we went to the Temple where we had dinner last night.

Though the food was good and the coffee was great.

This place was over the road, one of the hot night spots Siem Reap and one I wont get to as it kicks off way too late for me, but it is a cool name…

After breakie we had a wander around town and I snapped a photos of Siem Reap – a couple of these were taken a few days ago, but fit this context better : )

I really like the alley ways around this area of town, almost European.
This guy and his AK was sitting outside the jewellery section of the market, he loved his photo taken! I think lots of people stare at him, but no one ever asks.

The rest of the day was pretty much spent here, in air conned coolness… apart from a brief foray out for food and some time in the GH lobby on the wifi.

Up at 5.30 tomorrow so early night.

[edit] just come back from a meal in Pub St, bit later than last night so a lot more activity..For the first time on my travels (which probably shows a lack of going out at night more than anything else) I was offered marajuana, cocaine and 2 ladies – the ladies were seperate offers not a 2 for 1 deal !

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3 thoughts on “Chillaxing”

  1. We came from Battambang to SR the other day – it took 8 hours and got stuck quite a bit near the Battambang end but it was very beautiful and worth the expense (sit on the roof though – they’re overcrowed and overloaded!). I wouldn’t think you’ll be able to do the whole trip by river if you go in the very dry season…but Battambang was great so if you get the chance, I would visit 🙂

    1. OOOO nice one on doing the boat ride, doesnt sound as bad as I had read.

      I am quite keen to come back to this part of the world, hope you enjoy SR as much as I did…

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