Gallery – Faces of Bayon

Prasat Bayon is a 12 th century temple inside the larger Angkor Thom complex. It is famous for its 216 faces, supposedly  the faces are of the bodhisattva of compassion named Avalokitesvara, but they apparently look remarkably like the “god-king” Jayavarman VII who commissioned the build.

Whatever – they are still amazing to see and here is a sample.

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2 thoughts on “Gallery – Faces of Bayon”

  1. Phil, these are amazing. Do you know if they put the blocks in place and then carve them, or carve them, then put them in place like a jigsaw puzzle? Just amazing.

  2. It very definately was my favourite of the central Angkor sites. I am pretty sure they are all carved outside and then assembled as a giant puzzle.. could of course be totally wrong – I could probably google it !

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