Down day in BKK

Day 55, Tuesday, 28 Feb 2012, Bangkok

Woke up feeling a wee bit jaded but not too bad, the worse thing was it was hot last night so I did not sleep in the sleeping bag liner and am now covered in itchy mosquito bites, thank goodness for tea tree oil or I would have removed a fair chunk of skin from my foot, it was that itchy.

Today was planned to be a down day so we didn’t do much in the morning.  I was talking to someone over breakfast about the sunrises and sunsets over Angkor Wat and she has convinced me to not send my tri-pod back to New Zealand, I would be kicking myself over and over if I did. I did package up a few things I no longer use to send back and will get them in the post tomorrow.

Late morning we caught the train back to Siam Square so I could have the mandatory jaded McDonalds and do some basic shopping. After numerous failed attempts I finally tracked down some more zip lock bags, yes ! it has been a mission i can tell you. They are not as good as the trusty Glad Bags but at least I can get my phone and mp3 player in one so they don’t get damaged in any sudden downpours. Also picked up a whole bunch of other bits and pieces on my list, so shopping all done – except a new umbrella, haven’t found one yet, bloody Cebu airport! We had a walk around the square and I photographed a few of the sculptures.

Awesome, a special place for the indy kids to hang !

I just loved this piece of art on the wall outside the gallery.

This guy was really good, he got some great sounds out of these buckets.

After the mall and Siam Square it was back to the hostel and booking accomodation for Siem Reap in a couple of days and flights in and out Myanmar – just hoping those visa applications are approved! The smoothie  cart near the hostel.

After getting flights booked and some basic plans made we went and checked out another of the food stalls up the road from the hostel, think this may have been the best food in bangkok so far. A very tasty yellow curry.

The music bit…

Yesterday I said I would do a bit on The Subliminals, however last night over a few plastics (in lieu of glass) of cheap whisky I found the below link (actually i was looking for illegal downloads of a couple of NZ bands – though I do own the originals, honest!).

Jay Reatard RIP (1980 – 2010). Jay did a show at the Kings Arms in Jan 2009, which I photographed for the cheeseontoast website. It was a great show, two awesome bands.  I really enjoyed Jay’s slice of poppy punky music, some of his songs reminded me of the best bits from the Mint chicks (oooo, must mention them soon) . Jay’s untimely end was a real loss to the music scene. Jay @ Kings arms hotel in 2009.

I didn’t know this track existed till tonight.  This is a Toy Love song, Chris Knox was the vocalist (and well deserving of an entire blog post), I think this track may have even preceded Toy Love and may be an Enemy song, whatever it is a stone cold NZ classic punk track.

Toy Love –so good ! and as much as they hated it, the album was awesome.

Holy shitballs, Youtube is great! here is The Enemy on Radio with pictures (the best NZ music show ever) and I was right – it was an Enemy track.

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