Back in KL

Day 41, Monday, 06 Feb, Tanah Rata – Kuala Lumpur.

Happy Waitangi Day folks back home, I hope you all had a good day and the weather was kind to you all.

So, back to KL and the hostel where I had my cash stolen, wise move? Who knows ! but it is close to the start of the Thaipusam festival early tomorrow morning.

Up at 7.00, though I had been awake most of the night, I had to wait until shops open, this is a muslim hotel. There are a number of exclusively muslim hotels in Tanah Rata, but this one seemed to allow any paying customer. What it did mean was no loo paper and my stock had run out, I meant to buy some yesterday but forgot, a lesson learned as I am not yet ready to use the hose method yet.

Back to my favourite Indian for some free wi-fi and for coffee and banana and honey naan for breakfast, love that stuff and to the now open convienience store 🙂

The bus left late and it took almost an hour and half to get down from the highlands to the flat low land area. The road up from Ipoh a couple of days ago was reasonably straightforward compared to this, this road was seriously windy and quite narrow in parts. I was sitting at the back on the left hand side and watched one of the rear wheels go up over the curb as we went round a tight corner, it was a looooooooong way straight down and I had a wee butt clenching moment ! The driver knew what he was doing anyway and we made it to KL alive and in reasonable time.  There was the great sign on the bus though snapped shot as I was walking!

Once in KL I made my way easily from the bus station to the hostel, checked in and had a wee lie down, got some laundry organised and did stuff all else. So nice to stay somewhere where the toilet and shower do not share the same space , the water is hot and the shower head is connected to the wall where I can stand up !

After a wee bit of blogging i headed out for a walk to see what, if any, pre-Thaipusam stuff was happening, apparently nothing, as the streets around the temple were deserted. Things are supposed to kick off tonight so I will head out again later on to see what the haps is. I did see a  great lion dance, complete with fireworks, though I wasn’t close enough to shoot the fireworks, but did get the stall holder making his offering.

Some dragon dancers off to the next eventAnd this cute little shrine

I had dinner and then went back to the hostel to await some chaos later on tonight. And finally I am up to date with blogs 🙂

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