10 hours on the bus

Day 25, Saturday 21 Jan 2012, KK – Semporna.

Mildly whisky induced sleep and mild whisky induced hangover when I got up at 6.00 to get the bus to Semporna. Jay and I got a taxi to the bus terminal and chose the Dyana Express bus company for no particular reason. We grabbed a takeaway coffee from one of the terminal vendors, takeaways come in a plastic bag and a straw, awesome !

I have just got the photo fro Jay, 3 days later. Note the mis-matched pants and shirt combo. Awesome!

The journey to Semporna took almost 10 hours with only one stop where we could get off on the way. The bus was full and I was jammed into my seat with no legroom, by the time we arrived my back was killing me. It was a very boring journey and for most of it I was not able to take photos, highlights were;

  • Seeing Mt Kinabalu – majestic ! it is a cool looking mountain.
  • A cow on the road in the middle of one of the small towns.
  • A police checkpoint, where they came on the bus and checked everyones ID, one guy from the bus left with them.
  • About 8 hours of oil palms.

I was glad to get to Semporna ! one of the guests at the hostel last night told us to not get a taxi from the bus terminal as the hostels are a 10 minute walk. It was good advice as we were mobbed with taxi drivers when we got off the bus. In some towns, like KK for instance the inter-city terminal is a 15 minute drive from the centre.  I don’t think I am being unfair when I say semporna is a bit of a dump, “run down” was how it was described in one of the guide books.

I was keen to get checked into some accommodation and had settled on Scuba Junkies before I came down, they have dorms in town as well as out on Mabul Island. Sadly the island is booked out so I am staying in the dorm in Semporna. I have also booked 2 days  them of diving with as well, though they are booked to mid-feb for Sipidan dives. Jay wants to check out other dive operators first so we may part ways in the AM

Dinner, shower – bed, a non-day !

But diving tomorrow – YES !

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  1. Because it is ! I am partly put off the walk after my experiences on the Pinnacles, which is supposed to be harder than Kinabalu. I am more put off by the cost ($400 NZD) and to be honest I need to go somewhere else !

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