Final day in Kuching, rain rain go away, no Bako

Day 9 – 05 Jan 2012 – Kuching

After a bit of research over the past few days I have pretty much finalised the next phase of my trip so last night I booked a return flight from Miri to Mulu and some accommodation for three nights in Mulu National Park. I am hoping that they are the only things I am going to need to book ahead, or it could be a night in a doorway somewhere!

The plan is to catch a boat from Kuching to Sibu tomorrow morning, I will overnight in Sibu and then catch a smaller boat up the Batang Rejang (Rejang river) to Kapit. In Kapit I hope to hook up with some other travellers and organise a guided trip further up river to a longhouse for an overnight stay the following day. I am not sure if I will do one or two nights up river will have to see what other people are wanting and what it all costs, apparently it is not overly cheap. The boats from Kuching and Sibu are quite modern, sealed and air conned, yus!  I will then boat back to Sibu for a further night and then take an eight hour bus ride to Miri.

I have to be in Miri for the 12th as I have a 9.30 am flight to Mulu on the 13th. I am planning on staying three nights in Mulu Nat. Park, visiting the famous caves and hopefully doing an overnight walk. From Mulu I fly back to Miri and aim to do a day trip the following day to the Niah Caves. From Miri I will bus to Brunei and in Brunei I will plan the next phase – in Sabah !

So, let the challenges begin, as tomorrow I head off into the unknown by myself !

I have enjoyed my time in Kuching, it has been great to spend a few days with Alex getting to know a little bit about Borneo and Malaysia, sampling different foods, all wrapped in the comforts of a car and a nice apartment to return to each day. Alex has been a great host and I have much appreciated his time and company.

Today was the day we were going to head to Bako National Park, but the weather really did turn to crap last night, I woke up around 5.30 to some heavy rain and some big lightening ! There was no way we were going to make it out to Bako, which is a real sham as I was keen on visiting, but I guess I can always come back again. With the weather so crap, I pretty much stayed in bed reading most of the morning. Reports later in the day from some of Alex’s friends suggested this was a good idea, sounds like there was a fair bit of flooding in Kuching, with many places closed.

I also reorganised my pack – cannot believe it all fits in !

The only activity of the day was a trip to the mall for lunch and I picked up a pair of jandals. I have found it very hard to find anything that fits my feet, and I am only a size 10,  I would hate to have my nephews feet ! The Spring mall is the newest in Kuching and inside I could have been in Sylvia Park, most of the regulars were there.

Found a small bit of NZ in the supermarket !

I guess there are going to be days like this when not much happens as I travel through wet areas.

I have update “the plan” page with more detail for the next week or two.

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