Singapore – Day 0

I arrived in Singapore in rush hour and decided to take a cab to the hostel rather than the MRT (train) as I had read mention of a long walk from the station up a hill to the hotel and I did not want to be humping my pack around lost in the heat on my first day. I can hear people calling chicken already !

I am staying in the Hangout on Mt Emily and the climb was no worse than the walk to the end of my street at home ! The hostel is OK, I have my own room as I want to ease into this travel thing, as warned in a number of blogs the room A) smells a bit damp and B) has freezing aircon – I am writing this wearing my polyprop ! The room is small, has no TV, no fridge or chairs or the other things I was used to from staying in three and four star hotels on my work trips.  It does have a reasonably comfortable, though small, single bed, a shower, a proper loo and a desk. Most importantly it has a wicked view from my window and the roof, has free wi-fi and is five minutes walk to Little India, which ere the reasons I chose it.

Singapore is five hours behind NZ so by the time I had checked in, showered and changed and walked down to Little India it was well after midnight by my body clock. I walked around for thirty minutes and then had a vege curry, which was very nice but I could not finish due to exhaustion and staggered back to my room, for some sleep.

Naturally I was awake about one AM, I dozed for a bit, caught up with some emails and bookfacing and waited for the sun to rise around 6.4 Things start late in Singapore, seems people are starting to surface now (8.30)  so I am off for breakie, though my stomach says LUNCH!

Impressions so far ?  crowded, warm, humid, but a friendly vibe, little india felt good, even the back alleys. Didnt see too many tourists last night, but it was probably too early.

Let Day One commence.

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  1. You will know if the travel thing is working for you when you stop Facebooking 3 times in 24hours :-))))
    Only kidding… its great to hear you are surviving, and participating!

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