Fare thee well New Zealand

After starting to think about this trip five months ago, D-Day has finally arrived and my plan is no further ahead than it was then, in fact the options have gotten far more complicated as time has gone and i really have no idea what the future holds  beyond my flight to Kuching (Sarawak, Borneo) in 3 days time !

I was planning on a final New Zealand post from the airport before I left, however with no free wi-fi at Auckland airport I had a glass of wine and browsed Facebook on my phone instead. So I am writing this as we bump our way over Indonesia at 40,000 feet.  Jetstar business class is comfortable, the food and drink is OK but the movie selection is dire. I have watched Contagion and Cowboys and Aliens, both were average movies and filled four hours of the ten hour flight, leaving two more hours to go now.

I have had a good last week in Auckland, stayed with a number of people and have really appreciated those nights. Last night I stayed at mums, which was very nice and she took me to the airport this morning where my sister met us for coffee and final farewells. I am not good at the whole farewell thing so just having mum and Sarah was perfect. I said good bye to Aiden yesterday and to Meliesha on Christmas day when I took her to the airport for her return to England, so there was no tearfull leaving 2 of my babies behind.

Thanks to all of you who let me do the goodbyes my way, it made it all so much easier. Thanks also to those who have fed and watered me and let me stay in your house over my three homeless weeks, you all mean a lot to me.

So, it is farewell to New Zealand, to Aiden and mum, the Hunters and  to all my buddies – I will miss you and wish you well until I see you again, whether it is back home or in some foreign location.

I also meant to get mum to take a photo of me at the airport, all loaded up with my backpack, but totally forgot so no photo this post.

At least I have free wi-fi in my hotel ! Singapore post tomorrow !

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