Camping in my own bedroom

Wow, it is finally done !  My house has been pretty much cleared of all its stuff.  Just waiting for the guy who is going to pick up the TV and then the last of the furniture is gone. All that is left are a few personal belongings that I will take with me when I go dossing for the next 3 weeks, a couple of boxes to go into storage after breakfast tomorrow and Cheeky the cat. If hasn’t done a runner today – he was here this morning for breakie but I haven’t seen him since. I was hoping to take him to his new home today but  it will have to wait until tomorrow morning now.

Most of my furniture has been taken by my youngest son, Aiden, he will use some and store some at his flat. I am not really interested in having any of it back again.

The only piece of furniture I am keeping is a beautiful coffee table Domenic (my oldest son) made me for a Christmas present 3 years ago.  I am renting a 1 * 2 metre storage unit which i have crammed full of books, clothes and other bits and pieces over the past week. The coffee table and final box load will go in tomorrow morning.

So, tonight is my last night in the house and I am camping in my own bedroom ! Tomorrow I clean and pack my gear and shut the doors for the last time.

House –  I have some good memories but I never did like you !


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  1. Awwwww love u dad and the house was amazing so glad to see it for the last days with u! just helping aiden unload all the stuff into his house.. mission! thanks for everything u are an amazing dad! mel

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