Going three times, Sold !

Wow that was quick – my house was sold in just over a week and for more money than I expected – AWESOME ! The one condition on the sale is I have to be out by Monday 5th December, which is slightly earlier than I originally would have liked. However, this early sale means I will probably get away to the south island for a few days to see my sister, friends and experience some life as a backpacker in my own country.

Those who know me well will laugh at this, but the best thing about having the sale process over is I can go back to being a slob and stop cleaning up after myself every minute of the day. The clothes mountain is already growing on the lounge chair.

We took possession of the house on 19 November 1999 and I clearly remember sitting on the front deck on the afternoon we moved in and saying that I didn’t like the house, and sadly that has never really changed. That is not to say that I have been unhappy here, I have some great memories and had more than a few laughs here.

Having a large, flat(ish) section meant plenty of outside time and many hours were spent kicking footballs, making jumps and skate ramps and watching the boys jumping their bikes. Back in the day the massive Christmas Eve BBQ’s we had for friends and family were a highlight of our summer calendar.

No 36, I wont miss you but I will take some good memories.

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