Back on the trails

This morning I broke two of my own rules of trail running, firstly I went out on my own and secondly I was not as well prepared as I should have been. Fortunately nothing happened, even though I did make a wrong turn at a trail junction. What I did do right was let someone know where I was going !

It was great to be back on the trails, and I particularity love the trails around Piha, the downhill sections are just so fast and flowy and the scenery is great, I just love running in the Waitaks.  Even better  I was really pleased to still be feeling good after almost two hours of running, a good start back.

Next time I run I pack a warm layer and a beanie, I got cold today and its November !


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One thought on “Back on the trails”

  1. …[dum-dum-DUMMMMMM]… But are you sure the person you notified was sane and competent? When you were 2-4hrs late, might s/he have thought “Oh, hes just having way more FUN than he initially intended”?? I’m obviously very jealous, but also extremely impressed that you were so chirpy after traversing UPward on Home Track!!!

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