The nest is now empty

The past week has seen the completion of a couple of key tasks in my pre-travel plan as well as the end of a couple of era’s.

Yesterday saw the successful passing of three key milestones in work projects . The first was the move of half our city office staff into a brand new two level office that was built for us in Wiri, the remainder of the staff move this coming weekend and the city office will be no more. The second was the ‘go-live’ of a new Cisco VoIP phone solution into the new office and the third was the relocation of the remainder of our city server room to the new site. These projects have been very stressful and have consumed most of my waking hours for the past few weeks. Making these milestones means I can finish work at the end of October, as planned, and walk away knowing that most of the work has been successful.

Sadly my successor has yet to be appointed and I will have to consult for a few days before I leave New Zealand to hand over. Then again I will probably need the money, so some silver lining 🙂

This morning I completed moving and unpacking my office at the new site, this will be the first time in 14 years that I have not worked in the CBD and really is the end of an era. Much as I hate the traffic I am going to miss working in town.

The real era ending happening was, Aiden, my third and youngest child (he is 18 next weekend) went flatting yesterday and I am now an empty nester.  He has moved into a shared house with a friend of my older children and I am really pleased his first flatting experience is with older, experienced, flatters and I have trust that he will be looked after.

I do have mixed feelings about him leaving.  He had to find somewhere to live before I sold the house and left the country and I am glad he has gone where he has gone.  I am also glad that that he has gone a couple of months before I do so we can both get used to him flatting and I can help out if needed and know he is OK. However, my baby has all grown up and left the nest and that is a big moment to ponder.

Though he has effectively been living at his girlfriends for months and probably only slept here once in the past 8 or 9 weeks, he did come home every day after work (and left me his dishes and washing !) and last night the house felt empty.

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